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Why Should I Help The Homeless?

The world isn’t perfect, and very few of the people in it are. Sudden disasters fall on the most well-planned lives. Most people, with a little bit of help when they are most vulnerable, can recover from disaster.

Part of developing a society is learning to watch out for each other. Thirty cave folk who are watching out for each other will survive better than thirty individuals on their own.

The homeless crisis is a crisis of civilization. The media and the government portray the homeless crisis as a result of the failures of


individuals, instead of as a failure of government and institutions. The homeless were once productive, employed, loyal members of our society. They paid their taxes and did everything expected of good, decent law-abiding citizens. But then the rules changed, and they got dumped on the side of the road.


We are told — and we often believe, due to the influence of the media and the government — that there are social programs to help these people, but the truth is that the programs help those who RUN them, and the people they are supposed to help receive little or nothing. Professional college-educated bureaucrats get paid between $1500 to $5000 per month to dole out checks that range from $250 to $700 per month, and the first thing they look for when they get new applications for aid is how to disqualify the applicant! Sometimes the very programs the homeless formerly paid for with their taxes, for that undreamt of day when they might fall on hard times, and may need to use them themselves, refuse to help them.

Civilization is a product of an agreement among people to co-exist. But the homeless are destitute precisely because civilization turned its back on them, and abandoned them. It is true that some of the homeless are lazy, that some of them have mental illness, but the rate at


which the homeless are increasing is illustrative of a larger looming social issue than just a few lazy souls. The reason we have not heard about the homeless crisis in the media since 1993, is because of partisan feuding: What our media are NOT telling us is that when people feel abandoned, they can become dangerous.


We should not help the homeless because we are afraid of them; we should help them because we care about them. But we should also remember that by helping them, we are helping our own society and our own civilization. Government may turn its back on our neighbors, and thereby contribute to the dissolution of our society, but the prudent individual recognizes that it is in his own best interest to help those in need, for there but by the Grace of God he, too, could be in need sometime in the future. Help us help them.




What We Give!


*New for 2017 Feeding At The Church. we have partnered with N.S.O.P Church to feed members of our community every Wednesday from 4:00 – 6:00 pm inside the church. We invite seniors, children, and anyone wanting to fellowship in the house of the Lord.


Feeding Campaign:


We fight hunger by distributing food twice a week to families who live in Tarrant County and serve food to the homeless at Unity Park Fort Worth. We feed their souls, spirits and body to glorify God.


Fed individuals have better concentration, higher moods, and stronger immune systems; a full stomach is also critical for growing youth. To help our community meet this need, we provide over 350 homeless a full home cooked meal at Unity Park on the first Saturday of every month. This includes a main dish, side, dessert, and juice. We also bring sack lunches to the homeless at and near shelters once a week.

Clothing Campaign:

We provide gently-used clothing to homeless shelters, ranging from everyday clothing to more formal interview outfits. Many only have the


clothes on their back, which can lead to health issues and make it difficult to secure employment.


The need for clothing has steadily risen due to homeless shelters reaching capacity and we believe that we can at least make somewhat of a difference. We currently provide clothing once a month. The average amount of clothing the we purchase and provide cost about $100, which provides roughly 70 items. Though 70 clothing items is a lot of cloths to some, we are still not even able to hand out clothing to every person we see. We would love to be able to at least provide 140 items twice monthly.

Hygiene Campaign:


We help homeless maintain personal hygiene. We provide hygiene supplies on the first Saturday of the month at Unity park Fort Worth. The supplies include  Soap, Deodorant, Shampoo, Toothbrush, and Toothpaste. Note: not all supplies are given each month.


Staying clean is the hardest part of being homeless, but to stay or get employed you have to be clean, smell clean, look clean.


Prayer Campaign:

Our website, offers Bible readings and a form for prayer requests. An associate pastor from NSOP Church attends our monthly feeding


campaign at Unity Park, and fulfills prayer requests for those attending at that time. The rest are sent to the NSOP Church pastor.


Faith is where many families and individuals find solace in times of need, and many find comfort in having a pastor available to speak to and to pray for them.



When We Can Map Every Street On Earth.

NO ONE Should Have To Sleep On Them.

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