Our mission is to develop such an effective network of services that we greatly reduce the time an individual or family spends between emerging out of homelessness and achieving self-reliance.

Our vision is to create a facility that feeds, clothes, and empowers all who walk through its doors. In order to achieve this, we have five campaigns = a food, clothing, prayer, back to school, and band scholarship campaign–that we will run out of our facility. Last year we fed over 350 individuals at Unity Park on the first Saturday of each month,
and we look to expand our programs so we may better serve our community.

Why Become a Corporate Partner? |
Partnering with Necia’s Healing Hand allows us to provide educational resources to communities in Fort
Worth. It also provides an advantageous business investment.

• Align yourself with a dedicated nonprofit organization.
• Create awareness of your corporate identity and portray a positive image to your stakeholders.
• Year-round promotional opportunities.
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